3 Effective Sit-Up Variations For a Killer Six-Pack

Photo by bruce mars on Unsplash

Doing sit-ups is one of the most effective ways to get an amazing six-pack in no time, but it can get exhausting to do the same old thing all over again. Try to shake things up with these three variations that will help you get abs-tastic in a blink of an eye.


What makes this sit-up variation different than the rest is the leg position you’re supposed to take. It requires you to lift your legs off the floor and bring them towards you until they take a 45-degree angle with your back, forming a V shape. In addition to being great for your abs, this exercise can also do wonders for your glutes.


Wide-Leg Sit-Up

The only thing that makes this exercise different than the regular sit-ups is the fact your knees should be bent and open toward the floor. May not seem like much, but this variation is pretty demanding because it requires more balance – which you’ll develop over time.

Running Man Sit-Up

This variation also happens to be a full-body workout, since you’ll be working on your abs, arms, and glutes at the same time. It requires you to mimic running movements while doing sit-ups by twisting your torso and bending one of your knees so that it crosses over the opposite elbow once you’re in the mid-sitting position.