Sohee Carpenter Wants to Help You Improve Your Relationship With Fitness

If you feel like your relationship with food, fitness, and your body needs a little bit of work, Sohee Carpenter is here to give you a helping hand. She became a true Instagram sensation thanks to her compassionate approach to fitness, and she’s using her platform to offer gentler ways to stay active and on the move.

Carpenter is a certified strength and conditioning specialist, with a master’s degree in the psychology of eating behavior, who’s currently working on her PhD. Most of her content is related to body image, and she’s speaking from experience since she spent most of her 20s struggling with the same issues many of her clients do now.

After a lot of hard work, Carpenter managed to break from the societal norms that once consumed her, and she’s now helping other people do the same.

“Rather than glorifying being shredded at all costs, let’s celebrate prioritizing healthy behaviors such as exercising regularly and making it fun, consuming fruits and veggies while also eating foods you enjoy, being intentional with our choices, and more,” she explains on her Instagram.

Carpenter now offers training, coaching, and nutrition plans through her brand Sohee Fit, but you can also find a lot of amazing free content on her YouTube and Instagram page, which is followed by over 600,000 people.