Sports to Do By the Ocean

Running on the beach
Photo by Leon Liu on Unsplash

If you like to add an extra challenge to your workouts, one great way to do that is to use the ocean as your gym! Specifically, the very shallow part of the ocean where you’re still on the sand. These can add some resistance to your workouts. This is also a great option if you just love being in the sea or on the beach and you want to combine beach time with fitness time!

Pushups and Abs in the Waves

Supposedly, part of navy seal training includes doing full workouts right in the shallow waves of the ocean, to add an element of urgency, breath control, and resistance to their workouts. You can also try this out yourself to get those same benefits–just be sure to listen to your body and to stop if it gets too intense.


Running in the sand is a great way to add an extra challenge to your running routine. Running on the wet sand provides a beautiful view and cooling ocean spray. On the other hand, running further up the beach will be a much more intense, muscle-building exercise because there’s far less resistance from the ground so you’ll have to work harder to move forward.