Stay Active With These Fun Winter Activities

While many people dread working out outside in the winter as they let the weather ruin their workouts, winter is a great time to get in shape. Instead of traditional exercises like running, cycling, and weight lifting, there are tons of winter-based activities that you can only do during this time of year and they’re so fun, you’ll forget you’re working out. So throw on your parka, snow boots, and thermals and get your exercise in with these activities.

Cross-Country Skiing

Skiing happens to be one of the most physically demanding sports as it uses all of the muscles in your body and it takes a lot of endurance. Grab some friends and hit the slopes for a fun day activity.

Ice Skating

Ice skating is a low-impact exercise that all members of your family can get involved in. It’s a great leg workout and you’ll get into the holiday spirit while skating around the rink.

Ice Hockey

Hit the ice and grab your puck and stick for a competitive game of ice hockey. You’ll burn so many calories and have a lot of fun doing it.

Snowball Fights

Bring out your inner child and get ready for a team snowball fight. You’ll get a leg workout from running and an arm and core workout from throwing. Did we mention that it’s super fun?

Pulling Sleds

If you have kids, you can get an amazing workout by pulling sleds. Just grab the rope and start pulling them across the snow. You’ll feel your legs, core, and upper body burning.