Strength Training Workouts On YouTube You Can Do At Home

Woman doing lunges at home
Image from Screenshot via Heather Robertson/YouTube

You don’t have to hit the gym every other day and pay expensive memberships if you want to build your strength and tone your body. These great online workouts will help you do all this in the comfort of your own home.

Full-Body Strength Workout by POPSUGAR Fitness

Grab a pair of weights from 8 to 20 pounds and do this strength training workout by POPSUGAR Fitness in only 30 minutes. It’ll help you improve your strength and sculpt your body, and don’t forget you can always do exercise modifications in case the full version is too hard.

Total Body Strength Workout With No Equipment

Follow along with Joana Soh who prepared this full-body workout you can easily do at home without any equipment. Strength training does not always require lifting weights, because you can use your own bodyweight to improve strength and build muscles.

15 Minute Upper Body Workout

Even when you’re short on time, you can still do this short strength workout in only 15 minutes. These exercises are great for building upper body strength and toning your ab and arm muscles.

20 Minute No Equipment Strength Workout

This is another great workout you can do at home with no equipment. Exercises like air squats, lunges, and glute bridges are great for toning your entire body and strengthening muscles.