Superfoods to Help Boost Your Workout

Photo by CA Creative on Unsplash

While setting a holistic workout program is crucial to your physical well-being, so too is selecting the right food to accompany it. While there is a wide variety of food that can supply you with the nutrients you need, here are some superfoods that will give you a significant energy boost before your workout.


This green vegetable is great at not only boosting your strength but defending your body against harm. Filled with zinc and fiber, spinach helps to detoxify your body and balance your metabolism. Due to containing a high level of antioxidants, spinach will help to decrease muscle soreness and improve recovery after your workout. There are also plenty of recipes that include spinach, from pasta to curry.


Protein is an essential part of any bodybuilder or gymgoer’s diet. There is perhaps no healthier source of protein than fish such as salmon. This fish possesses anti-inflammatory omega-3 fatty acids that will reduce post-workout muscle soreness while the protein itself will help to build muscle during your workout.


Containing both protein and carbohydrates, chickpeas prove beneficial both during and after your workout. They contain a high amount of iron that will help to improve your oxygen flow as well as endurance and overall performance.