Teagan Dixon Will Win You Over With Fun Dance Workouts

You’ve probably never heard of Teagan Dixon because it’s only been two months since she started posting workout videos online, but you should definitely learn her name. Her YouTube channel is growing rapidly thanks to her super-fun, dance cardio workouts.


Before deciding to share her talent with the world, Dixon used to be a professional dancer. She performed at Disney Parks across the globe, but fitness has always been a passion of hers.

“I’ve been creating my own at home workouts for the past few years to help maintain a lean figure and to feel strong and confident whilst performing. I believe fitness should be fun and available to everyone, that is why my workouts are designed for all levels and are easy to follow along!” explains Dixon on her channel.

Since sharing her very first workout video two months ago, Dixon has already attracted over 25,000 subscribers to her YouTube page. She usually shares dance cardio workouts inspired by her favorite musicians, such as One Direction and Taylor Swift, but you can also find compilations of popular Disney and TikTok songs on her workout channel.