The 3×10 Rule Can Do Wonders for Your Workout Motivation

Working out
Photo by Julia Ballew on Unsplash

We all struggle with fitness motivation from time to time so it’s fun to discover new motivational techniques you can try every time you hit a slump. The 3×10 rule is one of the very best, and you can give it a shot no matter how short on time you are.

Embracing the 3×10 rule basically means making enough time in your schedule for a 10-minute workout three times a day. Even if you have zero motivation, this is the amount of time that we can all set aside to work towards our fitness goals, one step at a time.

Working out this way allows you to make your workouts as fun and versatile as possible. You can go for a 10-minute walk or a run, do a short weight-lifting or HIIT training, do some yoga or Pilates, or work out to a ten-minute video on your favorite fitness YouTube channel.

Options are pretty much endless, and no matter how short your workouts are, the time you spent working out will add up by the end of the day. It’s highly likely you’ll feel so pumped that you won’t feel like stopping after 10 minutes, making your short workouts much longer.