The Most Underrated Sport For Staying in Shape

Hockey equipment
Photo by Mariah Hewines on Unsplash

If you’re trying to stay fit but you’re struggling to find a routine that works for you, you may benefit from taking up a new sport. If you were to ask most people, they’d probably advise you to play some basketball, tennis, or anything else that’s practical and involved a lot of cardio. However, there’s one sport that’s incredibly underrated when it comes to cardio: hockey.

Unsung Hero

Hockey is incredibly popular in certain areas of the world, such as Russia and Canada. It’s also pretty popular in America, but considerably less so than football, basketball, and even baseball. There are two likely reasons for this. One, it’s less ideal for American cities that have warmer climates. And two, it’s incredibly unpractical as far as preparation and gear.

Sweating On The Ice

But although there may be some hurdles to go through if you actually want to start playing, it can be super rewarding once you do. All you really need to get into shape is to find something involving physical activity that you love doing, and hockey could be that thing. It’s super labor-intensive and requires a lot of focus and stamina. If you get hooked, it may be the perfect exercise for you.