These are the Hip-Opening Poses to Try

Tight hips are so common and are a result of the modern way of living. Spending a lot of time sitting on a chair can lead to tight hips, but there is a way to improve it. These are some of the best hip-opening poses you need to try.

Half Pigeon

Half-pigeon is one of the most popular hip-opening poses. The best way to start is in a lunging position, from which you go completely down on the floor. Your leg in the back should be straight, resting, while the one in the front should be bent at the knee.

Frog Pose

The frog pose is one of the best ways to open your hips and move your inner thighs. It’s definitely not an easy pose and you’ll feel a slight stretch while doing it. Start on your palms and knees, then lower your hips towards the floor.

Eagle Pose

Start by standing on both feet with slightly bent knees. Cross your left leg over the right one, with your left foot behind your right calf. Cross your hands as well and press your palms together.

Camel Pose

Place your knees on the floor, hip-width apart. Bend backward, with your arms facing towards your feet. Stay in this position for half a minute.