These Simple Lifestyle Changes Will Boost Your Energy

There’s no doubt that the past few months have been extremely stressful and that our routines have been completely thrown off from what they were at the beginning of 2020. During this time it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and stressed, but these simple nutrition and lifestyle changes can boost your energy levels.

Prioritize Protein

Chances are that your snacking and eating habits are different now that you have constant access to the pantry and fridge, it’s easy to grab snacks that are highly processed and high in sugar. Instead, choose protein-rich snacks like eggs or chicken wraps.

Take Breaks From Your Computer

Staring at your computer can make you tired, cause headaches, or decrease your energy. If you work at a computer all day, make sure you take constant breaks, even if it’s only walking for five minutes.

Get Sunlight

While working from home, you’re missing out on the benefits of getting outdoors and Vitamin D. Vitamin D is associated with improved mood and spending time outside in natural sunlight helps regulate your circadian rhythm, which improves your sleep.

Get Quality Sleep

Not getting enough sleep can cause irritability, weight gain, and low energy. To ensure a good night’s sleep, keep your bedroom cool, put away electronics an hour before heading to bed, avoid drinking caffeine in the evenings, and don’t have large meals before bed.

Stay Active

Exercise helps increase energy, manages stress, and it boost your mood. Try and get some sort of movement daily and aim for 150 minutes of exercise per week.