This Ab Workout is Perfect For Anyone Who Can’t Stand Planks

Planks are one of the most common full-body exercises, and it’s pretty difficult to find workout programs that don’t feature at least one variation of this move. If you don’t enjoy doing them for any reason, how about trying an amazing ab workout that is completely plank-free?

The workout in question was shared by PopSugar Fitness’ YouTube channel, and it was developed by fitness instructor Jake DuPree. It features a number of ab exercises that incorporate light weights, but many of them can be done without them.

Planks aren’t one of the exercises you’ll find in this video, but it still features many classic moves. Different variations of crunches are the most obvious pick when it comes to challenging your abs, but DuPree also made sure to incorporate leg lifts, bicycle crunches, and many other moves.

You’ll have to set aside 25 minutes to go through the entire routine, but it’s definitely worth it. In addition to giving you a great six-pack, many of the moves will help you tone your arms and glutes.