This Phone Charger Blocks Radiation & Blue Light While You Sleep

Looking to improve your sleep quality and feel more rested when you wake up in the morning? As well as limiting screen time, setting a regular bedtime, and sleeping in a dark, quiet, and cool environment, the way you charge your phone can also help you to sleep better. Designed to optimize your sleep and improve your health and wellbeing, this phone charger created by sleep tech start-up blocks radiation and blue light.

Blocks Radiation

Did you know that your phone emits EMF and EMR radiation while charging? When placed in the correct position, the Elvy charger acts like a shield, protecting you from direct radiation.

Decreases Blue Light Exposure

Blue light can decrease your melatonin production, tricking your body into thinking it’s daytime and reducing feelings of tiredness. Exposing yourself to the blue light of your phone before bed can make it harder to drop off. The Elvy charger has a built-in blue light blocker to help reduce your exposure.

Helps Reduce Phone Use Before Bed

The Elvy charger acts like a little cradle for your phone – once you’ve ‘put it to bed’ in the stand you’ll feel less of an urge to keep checking it, while still having it on for your morning alarm or for loved ones who need to get it touch.