This Tip Will Make You a Better Runner

Woman running
Image via tonodiaz/depositphotos

Obviously, there are many factors that contribute to making somebody a good or a bad runner. From your genetics to your level of commitment to the shoes that you run in, lots of things can make an impact on your performance. But if we had to pick only one tip that will completely revolutionize your experience as a runner, especially when you’re just starting out, it’s this…

Slow. Down.

That’s right, new runners tend to make the same mistake: running too fast. You probably don’t even feel like you’re running fast. But then, after five to 10 minutes, you realize that you’re getting really tired and you can’t keep up the pace you started at. You have to slow down, you get discouraged, and you may even stop your run early. You tell yourself you’re out of shape or just not a naturally good runner.

All of these issues can be fixed just by slowing down to begin with. When you first start your run, go at a pace that feels noticeably slow for you. It should be comfortable and your heart rate should be barely raised. That is a pace you will be able to maintain for the entirety of your run.

Once you become a more experienced runner, you can start worrying about turning up the speed. But at least for the beginning, do yourself a favor and slow down.