Three Fitness Influencers to Follow Based on Your Fitness Goals

If you’re new to the fitness world or are just looking to achieve a certain fitness goal, instagram influencers can be a great place to start. These influencers, usually certified trainers, nutritionists, and coaches, offer a world of free and valuable fitness advice to take your fitness goals to the next level. Keep reading for a few of our favorites based on your goals.

Natacha Oceane

Looking to boost speed, agility, and movement, or train for a race? Natascha is your girl. With a ride range of user friendly videos, programs, and fitness tips, Oceane is a great resource for those looking to enhance their overall athleticism and physique in a a bad ass way.

London Fitness Guy

LFG is an awesome resource for those looking to improve running form, cool down and stretches, and muscle building, He has great tips for runners and how to improve core strength and mobility, all in an effective and easy format.


Madfit is amazing if you’re looking for fun and simple workout routines to add more movement throughout your day. Her videos are short, sweet, and energetic; and a great way to add flare to your current fitness routine or to add to your at home workouts.