Three Of The Best YouTube Workouts

If you’re just tarting out on your fitness journey, don’t overlook the usefulness of YouTube workout videos. Many require little to no equipment, and are pitched at beginners or those getting back into fitness after some time away. With clear modelling, explanations, and motivation from those on screen, YouTube can be a great place to find quick workouts for those days you can’t face the gym. Here are three of the best workout channels to check out.


This upbeat, high energy channel features workout videos in pretty much every style you can imagine. There are high intensity cardio sessions, body weight workouts, peaceful yoga poses and low intensity training videos. The presenters are always incredibly clear, friendly and motivational, and it can help keep you inspired as you watch them work out with you.

Yoga With Adriene

This yoga channel has an almost cult-like following, and Adriene expanded beyond YouTube workout videos quite a while ago. However, there is a reason why these videos remain so popular – Adriene is calm, provides advice to beginners and the less flexible, and always leaves time for a moment of rest and relaxation at the end of each session.

Pahla B

This fitness influencer aims her videos at the older age ranges, or at those recovering from some kind of injury or surgery. The workouts are fun, easy to modify up or down, and go a long way to proving that you don’t need to completely exhaust yourself to get a good workout in.