Three Reasons to Start Yoga

Yoga Class
Photo by Dylan Gillis on Unsplash

Yoga is nothing new, you’ve probably got friends or family who swear by it, and you may even have given it a go yourself. But have you really tried to stick at it before? Many people attend a few sessions before giving up, but there is increasing evidence about the beneficial impacts of yoga on your overall health. If you still need some convincing, read on for three key reasons why you should roll that mat back out.

Flexibility is Key

Whilst you may be up on your cardio and working on your strength, have you considered your flexibility recently? Flexibility and ability to balance are key indicators of good overall health, and flexibility goes hand-in-hand with safe and effective cardio and strength training. If you’re a runner suffering from tight calves or a weight-lifter who can’t shift a shoulder ache, try a yoga session. It will improve your circulation and gradually you will see shifts in your ability to bend and balance.

Sometimes Gentler is Better

No one is saying that yoga is easy – anyone who’s ever attempted a headstand can tell you that. But yoga is about moving the body with intention, and even if you’re in a class you set the pace and level of difficulty. So often, exercise is about ‘going hard’, but this is where injuries and burnout can occur. If you’re regularly in the gym working on cardio or strength, give yourself one yoga session a week to calm your body and attend to any injuries.

Yoga is Good For the Mind and Body

Most yoga practitioners will offer their students a moment of reflection at the end of a session. Whether you choose to lie still with your eyes closed or remain in child’s pose thinking about your improvements, this is a rare chance to slow down and stop for a minute. Evidence suggests that our modern lives can put stress on our brains, as we are constantly active and stimulated. Take a moment for yourself, and be gentle on your mind and body.