Three Ways To Get More Muscle Tone By Next Week

Photo by Official on Unsplash

There are plenty of phrases like “fitness is a lifestyle” floating around the internet. Those phrases are true. You’re not going to go from not to hot in a day just because you did a few push-ups, but there have to be a few shortcuts somewhere! If you want to gain muscle mass, you’re going to have to make a long-term commitment, but muscle tone can happen pretty quickly. These tips will help you get toned in one week.

Eat Right

Garbage in Garbage out. Cut down on calorie intake so that you don’t eat more calories than you can burn off in one day. Only eat whole foods such as veggies, protein sources, and healthy grains.

Pump Iron

Weightlifting builds muscle tone. If you’re brand new to lifting, start with something light and comfortable and gradually increase the pounds. When you lift for an entire week, you’ll definitely start to notice a difference.

Mix Your Workout

Be sure to incorporate both cardio and strength exercises in your workout. Cardio helps you lose fat and strength exercises tone your muscles. Abdominal exercises are also important for toning the midsection.

Think strong! Be strong!