Tips for Staying in Shape for Singing

Man singing
Photo by Luke Thornton on Unsplash

If you’re a singer or you want to begin singing, you may find it requires more physical fitness than one might expect. This is because a huge part of good singing comes from breath support, which requires a capable core and well-supported lungs. It also requires facial control and strength. Here are some tips for exercises that can help support your voice.


Yoga is incredibly helpful because its skills overlap with singing in several different ways: breath control, posture, and core strength. These are three of the biggest tenets of vocal fitness as well. The breath awareness and how it relates to your movements that yoga requires can also help you support and control your notes and dynamics.

Furthermore, yoga helps you learn to stand up straight and be in tune with your body, as well as constantly lifting and keeping your core muscles “on”. Since singing requires a lifted diaphragm, yoga can also help train you in this way.

Facial Workouts

Although they may seem a bit silly, facial exercises for toning your cheek muscles, may help you with vowel control and keep your muscles tense for long periods of time. In order to create resonance, specific timbres, and enunciate properly, the shape of the inside of your mouth must be well-controlled, as well as your cheeks and nostrils. That can get tiring after a while, so these little exercises can give you endurance.