Tips for Your First Marathon

Photo by Sherise Van Dyk on Unsplash

Preparing for a marathon is no easy task and preparing for your first marathon can be both exhilarating and scary. If you’re new to marathon running, check out these tips to help you prepare.

Prioritize Sleep

You might be concerned about the sleep you’re getting the night before the race, but what many people don’t realize is that it takes two nights for sleep to catch up with you. This means that you should really prioritize getting enough sleep two nights before the marathon. This will ensure that you are properly rested and energized for the big day.

No New Shoes

It might be tempting to get a new pair of shoes for your first marathon (similar to a “first day of school outfit”), but resist the urge! New shoes take time to break in, and you never know how you’ll feel running in them after you try them out. A marathon is no time to test out any new gear, trust us.


Staying hydrated during a marathon isn’t just about what you drink the day of, or during. Hydration begins the entire week before the race. Make sure that you are drinking (and properly absorbing) water at least three to four days before the marathon. This will help with cramps, fatigue, and muscle soreness.