Tips to Help You Start With Mindfulness Meditation

If you’ve read all about meditation and want to start doing it, we have great news. Mindfulness meditation is one of the most popular ways to calm down your mind and live in the moment. All the noises that are happening around you can be too distracting, so thanks to this technique you will learn how to focus on yourself and be the best possible version.

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What does healthy mean to you? . . I have studied Nutrition and Alternative Healing for over a decade and I’ve definitely felt the benefits. But, it wasn’t until I committed to a daily meditation practice, that my health completely changed. . It’s true – eating whole, real and nourishing foods matter. After all #foodismedicine . But it’s so much deeper than that. We have to take care of both our minds and bodies…along with eating nutritious foods, we need to: . * Move our bodies (exercise and stretching) * Connect with our emotions * Serve our spirituality * Build a relationship with our breath * Deepen our consciousness . There are many pillars to creating Whole Health. . Nothing happens over night. There are no quick fixes for this long term lifestyle. It’s an ongoing evolution that flourishes beautifully when you commit to these healthy habits and lifestyle changes. . For me, my game changer has been my meditation practice. It has literally had a positive impact in every part of my life. It’s helped me be more mindful about my own eating habits, more aware of my behaviors, less reactive in just about every situation I come across in my day. It’s opened my mind to more creativity with my business and pathways in life. Most importantly, it’s made me a better mom. I am less cranky in the evenings, more compassionate to my children’s life experiences and all around more present when I am with them. . This balance of life – with all of these pillars – is what brings my soul happiness. Doing my best to learn and grow, without the pressure of perfection. . What’s your vision of living a healthy lifestyle? . 📸 @adornedphotography

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Just Decide to Start

The first step is always the hardest. You will have to be very firmly convinced that you want to start practicing mindfulness meditation. Once you do, it will be so much easier. You don’t need any equipment or hours of your free time. Minutes will do the job.

Do Not Judge

The whole point is to live in the moment and focus on your own senses. In the process, you should stop judging others and that will only promote your success. So every time that you get those judgy thoughts, let them go.


Breathing is that physiological feature that can control your current state. Slow it down, and start taking deep breaths. Feel each and every single one of them. Make sure that you’re really breathing through the nose and let go through the mouth.