Top 3 No-Jumping Workouts from Growing Annanas

Screenshot via growingannanas/YouTube

With 1.3 million subscribers and counting, Growing Annanas is one of YouTube’s fastest-growing fitness channels. She won us over with her apartment-friendly workouts, and many of them happen to be low-impact and include no jumping exercises—starting with these three.

30-Minute Full-Body Workout

One of Growing Annanas’ most popular workouts so far will show you how to get a great low-impact workout in just 30 minutes. This workout comes with a short warm-up and its main focus is cardio and muscle toning exercises that you can perform with no equipment.

20-Minute Sweaty HIIT Workout

If you’re short on time and want to get your workout done in just 20 minutes, this video will be your cup of tea. It’s an amazing full-body HIIT workout with 50-minute intervals and 10-second breaks, featuring everything from push-ups and planks to squats and mountain climbers.

One-Hour Full-Body Workout

If short workouts aren’t your thing, and you really want to go all-in, this one hour-workout will be your cup of tea. This workout includes several variations of squats, planks, and such low-impact moves as dead bugs and bicycle crunches, with no jumping involved.