Top Fitness Drills For Soccer Fans

Photo by Rfstudio on Pexels

Do you love soccer as well as keeping fit? If so, you can combine the two for some high-impact workouts that will be sure to boost your physical wellness. Here are some fitness drills that you can perform to follow in your favorite soccer players’ footsteps.

Zig Zag Sprints

For this workout, you’ll require some cones and a soccer ball. Set up the cones in a zig-zag formation and dribble the ball around each cone, making sure to keep the ball close to your feet without losing it.

Shuttle Runs

Place two objects about 20 meters apart to mark the distance you need to run. Start at one end and sprint to the other, before touching the object on the opposite end and running back. Once you become comfortable with this exercise, you can increase your running distance over time.

Resistance Band Workouts

By getting a hold of some resistance bands, you’ll be able to perform a range of strength and conditioning workouts for your entire body. They’re also light and mobile, meaning that you can work out on the road.