Top Warmup Exercises for Beginners

Image via lzf/Instagram

If you’re just starting out on your health and fitness journey, one of the most important things to learn is how to warm up properly. Warming up before a workout helps protect against injury, makes your exercise more effective, and your body more comfortable. Here are five key warmups to help you get started.

Jog on the Spot

Lightly jogging in one spot can be a great way of getting your heart pumping and your breathing faster without overworking your muscles.

Star Jumps

After making sure you have enough space, stand in an upright position and start jumping in one spot by stretching your arms and legs out before you in the shape of a starfish. This gets your blood pumping at the same time as gently working out your muscles, joints, and ligaments.


A fun way to gently get yourself moving before a workout is to do some dancing. Put on your favorite songs, listen to a workout podcast, or watch the music channel on TV.


Skipping with a rope is perhaps the most effective form of warmup. It is best after you have already warmed up a bit with a light jog. Take the skipping rope and skip over it for groups of 20. After 20 jumps, take a rest for around one minute as you stretch.