Travel Gym Equipment That Makes it Easy to Work Out While You’re Away

Resistance bands
Image via khosrork/depositphotos

Whether you’re an enormous fitness fan or simply conscientious when it comes to not missing your workouts, you probably don’t want to miss out on your exercise program just because you’re going on vacation or a business trip. Here is some portable workout equipment that will help you remain active on the go.

Resistance Bands

Much like weights, resistance bands can help you to boost your strength and condition your muscles. The main difference is that they are lightweight and easy to pack into a suitcase. From bicep curls to lateral raises, leg presses, and squats, resistance bands can provide you with a holistic total body workout.

Pedal Resistance Band

Rowing is a well-rounded workout that provides an array of benefits, from boosting stamina to strengthening your back and core and even improving your posture. Thanks to the comfortable foam pedals included with this type of resistance band, you can do plenty of rowing as well as an array of other exercises targeting various muscle groups.


Otherwise known as gliders, this simple yet effective equipment makes any bodyweight workout more challenging. What’s more, it’s flat, making it easy to stow away against the wall of your suitcase. You can move the sliders with your feet to get a leg or core workout or move them with your arms for an intense back-strengthening session.