Uplifting Youtube Bloggers to Get You on Track

Thanks to the dawn of social media, almost everything is accessible at our fingertips. From buying a backpack on Amazon to ordering your next lunch meal for the following day. Nowadays, the overuse of social media and the feeling of “FOMO” or Fear of Missing Out resonates with many people especially millennials. Luckily, there are Youtube bloggers out there whose purpose is to coach us to become the best versions of ourselves.

Diving Deep with Infinite Waters

Ralph Smart’s smile and inspiring words of wisdom are a great addition to your morning cup of coffee. He discusses topics about empowerment, synchronicity, and manifesting your true self. His energy and laugh are contagious and will motivate you to take the next step.

Jay Shetty’s Memorable Lessons

The topics he brings to light revolve around finding more purpose in your life. He’s quite the open-minded soul as he also shares his experiences about breakups, life’s turmoils, and losing his way sometimes. His thoughts and experiences are relatable and can be used as long-term life lessons.

Natalie Ellis

Natalie is a great example of an empowered woman; she’s her own CEO and is the perfect example of a self-made woman. In addition to having a vlog, she also has an Instagram called Bossbabe.inc that shares advice about career goals and boosting your own business.

Heal Your Livings Youheum

Youheum takes life in small doses while living a minimalist lifestyle. Her videos on Youtube consists of her nomadic career, minimalistic self-care routines, and more. She’s the minimalist equivalent of Marie Kondo, promoting sustainability and simplicity. If you’re looking for an alternative Youtube blogger, check her out.