Using The Treadmill Vs. Running Outside

Photo by asoggetti on Unsplash

There has been a lot of controversy about the better option between a treadmill and running outside. Many hardcore runners believe that the treadmill is not as effective as running outside and the reasons are not farfetched.

Running outdoors requires more effort. You provide the motive power while your legs hit the ground as you run. Treadmills are different; you stand still, and the road moves beneath your feet. It is a drive belt, the surface is smooth, and you won’t encounter wind resistance.

Running on the treadmill helps you maintain fitness and form, but when it comes to perfecting running techniques and using strategy to optimize performance, running outdoors is better.

Other benefits of outdoor running

More muscle

Running on the treadmill can help you build more muscle, but outdoor running is more effective as it builds the muscle in your glutes, your core as well as your legs.

More calories

You need more energy to run outdoors because you have to struggle with wind resistance, bumpy roads, and slopes. This means more calories will be burned during running.

Less injury

Running on the treadmill doesn’t allow much room for bone growth, and this leads to injury in the long term. Running on the road means more impact, and this reduces your risk of injury.

More energy

Running outdoors produces an energy boost and helps combat depression, anger, and tension. The sense of exploration felt outdoors may have a positive effect on your mood.