Ways To Burn 300 Calories That Are Easier Than You Think

Photo by Chichi Onyekanne on Unsplash

Sometimes losing weight and being fit isn’t as arduous as we make it out to be. Mixing up your workout routine is a good way to beat the boredom aspect of it all, so here are some great activities that you probably didn’t know can help you burn more than 300 calories.

Jump Rope

Jump rope workouts have exploded in popularity recently and for a good reason. It’s a fun activity that will make you feel like a child again, and jumping for only 22 minutes will help you burn 300 calories.


Ride a Bike

Cycling is an awesome physical activity for people who hate traditional workouts because it’s fun and not as intense. Going for a leisure bike ride is a great way to explore the city, plus you can burn 300 calories in around 45 minutes.


Gardening is probably the last thing that comes to mind when we think about burning calories. Apart from the fact that it’s a great hobby for reducing stress, an hour of gardening can help you burn calories.

Household Chores

Most people hate household chores, but they’re actually a great alternative to traditional exercise. Vacuuming and cleaning your home for around two hours can burn major calories.