What is Grounding? Yoga Classes to Cultivate Stability and Balance

Photo by PNW Production

Grounding is a fundamental concept in yoga that involves connecting with the earth to anchor yourself in the present moment. Many yoga teachers choose to incorporate grounding poses into their classes to help students cultivate feelings of stability and balance. Like a tree with strong roots that go deep into the ground, asanas like Mountain pose are designed to guide you back to your center so that you can stay calm and focused. They can be used to increase resilience so that you’re able to sway in the wind without being uprooted. If you feel like you could use a bit of grounding, check out some of our favorite grounding yoga classes below.

Grounding Into Gratitude – Root Chakra Yoga

This 30-minute class by Yoga With Adriene is perfect for those times when you’re feeling unsettled and looking for a bit of support. It begins with a few minutes of guided meditation and breathwork and transitions into some gentle stretches that focus on the pelvic floor. Standing poses like Runners Lunge then provide an opportunity to build strength before ending with a nice, long savasana.

Yoga for Anxiety & Stress

Yoga teacher Jessica Richburg incorporates a variety of both seated and standing poses in this 20-minute flow designed to soothe your nervous system. It begins with slow, gentle movements such as Cat-Cow poses before moving onto balancing postures including Extended Side Angle and Eagle pose. She then ties it all together by subbing Legs-Up-The-Wall for traditional Savasana.

15 Minute Grounding Yoga Practice | Root Chakra Activation

This sequence by Nico Marie is one of our go-to’s when we need a bit of grounding but are limited on time. It includes simple stretches and hip openers practiced close to the ground to help you connect with your lower body so that you can feel stable and strong.