When Should You Drink Your Energy Boosting Smoothies?

Photo by Denis Tuksar on Unsplash

Smoothies are hands down one of the best ways to ensure you get enough vitamins, minerals, and protein. You have total control of what you put in them, and they’re also incredibly easy to make! But what are the best times to drink your smoothie? Believe it or not, but there are actual times during the day that are most optimal for smoothie intake. Here’s what you should know.

Morning Charm

A great habit to build is having a smoothie every day at breakfast. Ideally, this should be full of oats and fruits such as bananas and strawberries that supply you with vital nutrients. Having a smoothie every morning will give your body a constant supply of crucial nutrients that set you up for the day ahead.

Throughout The Day

An alternative option is to whisk up a nutritious smoothie and then drink it gradually throughout the day. You can leave it in the blender and serve yourself at two-hour intervals. This helps disperse your nutrient-intake throughout the day and eases your body while it absorbs the goodness.


A popular method is to drink a smoothie high in protein right after you work out. This doesn’t actually mean that your body will absorb more nutrients than a pre-workout smoothie, but it does go easier down your stomach than while you’re working out!