Which Exercises Best Promote Digestive Health?

A healthy digestive system is essential to a healthy and happy lifestyle. Digestion is the process whereby the body absorbs nutrients and energy from the food that we eat. Poor digestive health can lead to malnutrition, sickness, and emotional stress. Here are four exercises that will enhance digestive health and keep your body working the way it should.


Cycling is a great way to get your metabolism going at a healthy rate. It can help with the symptoms of IBS, releases endorphins to combat low mood as a result of an unhappy gut, and helps keep your digestive system moving.

Breathing Exercises

Our breath is intimately connected to our gut. Short, shallow, and frantic breaths tell our gut that we are anxious. This triggers our gut to work overtime and interrupts digestion. To aid digestive health, learn to breathe deeply, smoothly, slowly, and at a regular rhythm. This will calm your digestion and improve your mood.

Fast Walking

Struggling with your digestion? Perhaps the best way to help it on its way is to go for a brisk walk around the block or in your local area. This should help it run smoothly.


Yogic exercises, stretching, and breathing all help keep your digestive system working optimally.