Why 5 Minute Ab Workouts Actually Work

Woman doing ab workout
Photo by Katherine Hood on Unsplash

You’ve seen them everywhere—from 5-minute ab workouts that promise to transform your body. The question is do they really work? 

It’s hard to believe that spending just 5 minutes on your abs could be enough to tone and strengthen a muscle. Usually, we picture longer workouts as “more effective’, but it turns out that 5-minute ab workouts could very well be enough to get you the results you desire!

As with any workout, there are other factors that affect muscle gain, such as diet, sleep, and protein intake. If these factors are accounted for, then there’s only one more thing you need to know to make these 5-minute ab sets super effective.

You must make sure that each ab muscle group is targeted in the exercises you choose. Each minute, select an ab or core workout that targets a different section. For example, you might pick side plank dips to target obliques, lying leg raises for your lower abs, and curl ups for your upper abs. As long as you ensure that each part of the abdominal muscle group is being worked, and you are nourishing your body properly in accordance to your goals, there’s no reason why 5 minutes isn’t enough to get the killer abs of your dreams!