Why Music Is So Helpful For Motivation

Workout With Music
Photo by Element5 Digital on Unsplash

We all know how hard it can be to pump ourselves up at times. Sometimes we have a workout scheduled but we just can’t seem to bring ourselves to do it—until, that is, we put on some music. All of the sudden, our mood changes and we’re ready to pump some iron or take a few laps around the block. But what is it about music that affects us so strongly?

Music does a lot of things. So much, in fact, that this article can barely even scratch the surface. But one thing we can say pretty confidently right now is that music has a special power to alter emotions and spiritual energy. If a singer brings a certain spiritual gusto to a recording, he or she can essentially transfer that positive energy to anyone who listens to it.

This is why music can change our mood. If we’re feeling down or sad, a song that has an upbeat vibe can influence us to feel differently. Because at its core, music is made by fellow humans who go through similar ups and downs. For all you know, the precise goal of the artist you’re listening to is to make you feel better when you’re in a funk!