Why Playing Football is the Ultimate Kind of Workout

Photo by Muyuan Ma on Unsplash

There are many different ways to work out, and playing sports is one excellent way to do it. However, even within the realm of sports, each one has its own unique way of strengthening your body. Football is known for being one of the most rigorous workouts, and here’s why.


First off, football is the ultimate cardio exercise. It requires you to be constantly on the move, whether it’s running after opponents or Hail Mary passes. It’s even more difficult because you’re constantly having to run hard and then stop after every play and then repeat the cycle again and again—which is a whole other degree of difficulty.


As mentioned football is intense when it comes to cardio, but it’s not the kind of sport where you can just run at whichever speed your heart desires. In this sport, only the quickest survive, meaning you have to be sprinting as fast as you can at all times, making the intensity of football unlike anything else.


Finally, what really separates football from all other sports is the strength it requires from you. While you’re constantly sprinting and stopping and sprinting again, you’re also tackling massive opponents, getting tackled, getting pushed, and bumped every second of the game. The physical intensity is unrivaled, making football arguably the hardest workout you can do in the world of sports.