Why Skiing is the Best Winter Workout

Skiing in Austria
Photo by Maarten Duineveld on Unsplash

Working out in the winter can be a little extra tricky. If you’re used to working out outside, the cold can be a real obstacle. And even if you go to an indoor gym, it takes extra motivation to leave your apartment when the weather outside is frightful.

But one type of workout that you can do in the winter that is both fun and well-timed for the colder months is skiing. It’s the type of activity that is the perfect combination of a good time and a good workout. Here’s why.

It’s Good Cardio

Downhill skiing is about the same level of a cardio workout as cycling or rowing, which makes it a very good workout for your heart. This means it offers the benefits of improved insulin resistance, better body composition, and lower blood pressure.

It’s Interval Training

Interval training is hugely popular in the fitness world right now as it’s been proven to have great health benefits and help people live longer. And skiing just happens to be naturally a perfect fit for interval training, as it involves pushing yourself as you ski and resting as you ride back up the ski lift.

It’s a Complete Lower Body Workout

Perhaps one of the biggest benefits of skiing is how good it is for your leg muscles. It combines eccentric, isometric, and concentric muscle work, and it uses a wide range of lower-body muscles from the larger quads to the smaller support muscles around the knee, making it an all-around great resistance training workout.