Why Strength Training is so Important for Runners

Strength training is good for runners
Photo by Geert Pieters on Unsplash

Most runners tend to avoid strength training because they think it’s not important for their running performance. This is far from the truth for a handful of reasons. Indeed, improving strength can be incredibly beneficial for runners, and here are a few reasons why.

You Need Core Strength

Having a strong core is super important for runners because strong core muscles can help stabilize your body and improve your form. You cannot build strong abs just by running and that’s why strength training is crucial.

You Need a Stronger Back

Runners need strong back muscles as well, for the same reason why they need a strong core. Strong back muscles will help you run faster and improve your performance.

You’ll Have Better Form

Having strong ab, arm, and back muscles will boost your energy and improve posture, and ultimately strength training will help you build proper running form too.

You’ll Run Faster

Last but not least, experienced marathon runners are always looking for ways to improve their race time and run faster. Weight lifting and strength training are the best way to improve your strength and form to run faster.