Winter Workout Trends to Warm You Right Up

Photo by Bhargava Marripati on Unsplash

The cold and dark winter months can pose quite a challenge to our workout routines. Slippery surfaces, freezing temperatures, and long nights can really take their toll—but that’s why beating the odds feels all the more satisfying.

Once you manage to break a sweat, you’ll forget about the cold in no time. If your workout routine has suffered so far this icy season, try out these winter-friendly workouts that’ll warm your body right up!

Indoor Climbing

Fitness centers near you will often have large walls suited for climbing. These are great for working out your whole body and maintaining peak fitness levels throughout the winter months. They are great for the core, the arms, balance, and coordination as well.


Another great workout for your whole body is swimming at your local pool. While it’s usually too cold to run in the ice and snow, you can take refuge in a nice warm pool with perfect conditions for swimming. This not only strengthens and tones the entire body but it also improves mental health.


Alongside swimming, yoga is also a powerful exercise for strengthening the mind and body. You can practice from within the comfort of your own home, and you can also use meditation apps such as Headspace to guide you through it.