Why Pole Dancing is Great Exercise

You might be surprised to learn that pole dancing is a great full-body exercise. It’s a medium to high-intensity workout and there are many great health benefits associated with it. Continue reading to find out why you should give pole dancing a try.

Increased Strength

Pole dancing is a great workout for your upper body, core, and thighs. You’ll be lifting your body weight over an extended period of time, by climbing up the pole.

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So last night, I said I was going to do it and I’m so glad I did, not only did I pull the most unattractive faces trying techniques pulling myself up and co-ordinating my legs like the newborn giraffe that I am but I actually had fun! I was surprised with what I could do and it was only the first class. I had 2 lovely girls come along with me @iamjessieelizabeth and @shum_baby . I will admit I was a bit scared at first, anxiety kicked in once the trackies came off and I felt exposed, the short shorts were a bit nerve wracking but once I got started the inner diva inside me came to life. Thick thighs are a Huge help on the pole so it felt good to connect with my body and thank it for what it was about to go through before and after, I’m definitely feeling it this morning hahahahhaha. I felt so empowered, I felt strong, sexy and most of all proud that I stepped out of my comfort zone and did something I said I would do. The biggest advice that I could give people right now and to remind myself is to actually try and live beyond your dreams by pushing yourself, challenging yourself to do things a little bit outside of your comfort zone. I want to continue to try new things, step out of my comfort zone, take risks, do things in ways I’ve never done them before, ask for help, and become obsessed with the fact that i only have one go-round on this planet as me that is me, and realize how precious and important it is for me not to squander that. A huge thank you to @drazcula and @thesameold_mantra_ who I’ve watched for a while hoping I could get there, here I am! I can’t wait for the next session!! 💪🏻💪🏻 • #nsvunlocked #beyourownmotivation #lovetheskinyourin #weightlosscommunity #scarstellmystories #everyonehascellulite #betteryourself #pushyourboundarieseveryday #poledancingclass #needanalteregoname #poledancing #thickthighssavedchan #doitforyou

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Increased Flexibility

Being flexible is so much more than just being able to do splits and looking good – it decreases your risk of getting injuries and becoming sore.

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This was hard. #poledancing #poledancingclass #yyt

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Body Confidence & Self Love

Your body will become stronger and you will learn to appreciate your body for all it can do. Your muscles will also become stronger and you will gain the body confidence we all wish for.

Good For Your Heart & Blood Flow

As stated earlier, pole dancing is a form of exercise – it’s aerobic training. All of your muscles are being activated, which promotes blood flow.

Better Sleep

Your body will be exhausted from all the stretching and exercise you will be doing, which will lead to a great night’s sleep.