3 Body Positive Fitness Podcasts to Help Keep You Motivated

Have you listed to body postive podcasts? These body positive and inclusive podcasts are the ideal soundtrack for your fitness journey. If you’re looking to find motivation to get up and go, while learning to love your body, these are the fitness podcasts for you.

Affirmation Pod

While not strictly a fitness podcast, the world’s number one affirmation podcast can be just what you need to hear before heading out to the gym. Hosted by Josie Ong, Affirmation Pod offers affirmations for everything from fitness, confidence, comfort, and success.

Fit Bottomed Girls

Fit Bottomed Girls‘ mantra is “You Can’t Hate Yourself Healthy”. Encouraging self-love and self-acceptance as the starting point for a healthy lifestyle, this heart-warming podcast features entertaining discussions with the best experts in fitness, body image, health, nutrition, meditation, and more.

Decolonizing Fitness

This podcast is ideal for anyone who has ever felt excluded from the conventional fitness world. Decolonizing Fitness offers a platform for movement and health practitioners to share ways they are deconstructing toxic fitness culture and building a more inclusive and accessible fitness space.