3 Common Mistakes You’re Making When Biking in the Summer

Biking in the summer
Photo by Coen van den Broek on Unsplash

The summer heat has the power to sabotage pretty much every outdoor workout, and your biking adventures are no different. Summer bike rides come with a long list of challenges and the most inexperienced cyclists make mistakes when embarking on them, but here are three that you should avoid at all costs.

No Protection

Wearing sunscreen is a must during outdoor summer workouts, and bike rides are no exception. Sunscreen is the first line of protection, but you also shouldn’t forget to wear a helmet to shield your head and wear clothes that are fitting for this kind of weather.

Wrong Time and Place

Timing can make or break your bike rides, and you should always hit the road early or late in the day when temperatures are the coolest. This will allow you to get acclimated to higher temperatures, but finding a trail that offers enough shade also comes in handy.

Not Cooling Down

There’s nothing wrong with taking breaks to cool down if it’s too hot outside during your bike rides. Your performance and health can suffer when temperatures are too high, and taking breaks can help you avoid putting too much pressure on yourself, and it gives you just enough time to re-hydrate.