3 Common Mistakes You’re Making When Doing Lunges

Workout routine
Photo by Sergio Pedemonte on Unsplash

Many gym enthusiasts incorporate lunges in all of their workouts, but not everyone knows how to do them correctly. If you’re feeling too shaky and losing balance while doing this exercise, it’s possible you’re making one of these common mistakes.

Knee Position

The majority of mistakes related to lunges hail from bad knee position. Your knees shouldn’t be going past the toes during this exercise, and it’s always best to keep them in a straight line, without going off to either side.

Wrong Timing

You shouldn’t rush things when it comes to this exercise. Start things slowly, so you wouldn’t lose balance and perform the exercise with a bad form, and only increase the speed once you become more comfortable.

Lower Back Tension

It’s also common for people to lean too far forward or backward while doing lunges. By doing so, you’ll be putting too much pressure on your lower back, so it’s much better to tilt forward at the hip and keep your chest above your front knee.