3 Famous Songs About All-American Sports

Americans absolutely love their sports, and with the summer in full swing, you might be looking to prepare a playlist! So if you want to show some appreciation for the US of A’s proud sports culture, here are three songs about American sports that simply can’t be missed. These songs cover the range of the past century, so they’re also perfect for taking a musical trip through the decades!

“Take Me Out to the Ball Game” (1908)

First recorded by Edward Meeker with lyrics by Jack Norworth, this tune is hummed by children all over the country. You probably knew the lyrics before you even knew what baseball was, and if you’ve been to a baseball game then you know it’s still played during the seventh inning at nearly every game.

“Surfin’ USA” (1963)

The Beach Boys are one of the most classic all-American musical groups to make their way into the pop cannon. Even nearly 60 years after its recording, most adults can at least sing along to the chorus. It not only celebrates surfing, but California beach culture, naming several beaches of note in the lyrics as well as describing what a classic surfer wears and looks like.

“Basketball” (1984 and 2002)

First written and recorded by rapper Kurtis Blow, this classic rap song celebrates the game of basketball and names some b-ball legends that Blow looked up to. Being a little older, these lyrics are a great way to teach kids about the basketball stars they may not have heard of who made the game what it is today! Younger listeners might be more familiar with the 2002 cover by Bow Wow, recorded for the kid’s movie “Like Mike”.