3 Foods That Are Super Rich in Fiber

Photo by Gaelle Marcel on Unsplash

It’s not enough to work out a lot if you don’t eat properly. Exercise certainly doesn’t hurt, but it’s important to complement that aspect of your life with healthy nutrition so that your results are as optimized as possible. One way to do that is to consume a fair amount of fiber, so here are three foods that have quite a lot of it.


Barley is one of those tasty fiber-rich foods that often gets forgotten about. Perhaps this is because it’s not exactly something that can really be eaten by itself. However, there are many great ways to include barley in your meals, with mushroom barley soup being one of the most popular.

Whole-Wheat Pasta

People seem to love promoting the idea that pasta is terrible for you, mainly because of all the carbs. But pasta is actually incredibly rich with fiber, and if you eat whole-wheat pasta, you’re really swimming with some healthy stuff.


Edamame might only seem like that fun snack that everyone eats at a bar, but it’s so much more. Like other tasty lentils, it’s very rich in fiber, which is why you should certainly get your fill of it next time you get a chance.