3 Great Reasons To Hike More Often

It’s summertime and most people enjoy outdoor activities. Besides pools and beaches, one great summer activity is hiking at your nearest spot of unspoiled nature. Hiking is a term for long, vigorous walking in nature, usually in the countryside or in the mountains. Some say it’s not a sport, because there’s no competition, but sport is not all about that. It’s more about fun, friends, and exploring new things.

Here’s why you should try hiking. 

Mental Health Benefits

Walking outside in nature is a widely accepted cure for problems caused by stress and anxiety. If you had a tough week, maybe all you need is to burn all that stress by conquering a trail. Hiking is not about competing with others, but with yourself, which can bring great self-confidence. 

Hiking is also great for socializing, spending a couple of days with your friends or partner in nature can be a great boost to your social life

Physical Health Benefits

Hiking improves your overall fitness, builds muscles, and aids weight loss. Also, being active in a natural surrounding is important for our immune system. Hiking even improves blood pressure and lowers risk of heart disease.   

It’s Cheap!

You don’t need expensive clothes or equipment: just sneakers, a jacket, and a strong will! 

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