3 Healthier Alternatives to Energy Drinks

Photo by Monika Grabkowska on Unsplash

Many people with a busy schedule reach for energy drinks before their workout, but they can actually be damaging to your health. These energy-boosting beverages are often packed with sugar, caffeine, and other harmful additives and you should consider replacing them with these healthier alternatives.

Green Juices

Green juices and smoothies experienced a huge boom in the last few years, and they can give your body a Vitamin B boost. Using spinach, parsley, and kale as ingredients in your juices is a good idea, but drinking pretty much any natural juice is much better than consuming Red Bull.

Green Tea

If you’re thinking of replacing your energy drinks with coffee, how about opting for green tea instead? In addition to containing less caffeine than coffee, green tea also contains antioxidants and minerals that can be beneficial for your health.

Protein Shakes

Protein shakes can also give your body an amazing energy boost, as long as you use the right ingredients. In addition to protein powder, you should also add some fruits, yogurt, and plant-based milk to the mix.