3 Popular Workout Routines That You Should Do in Moderation

Woman doing an HIIT workout
Photo by ŞULE MAKAROĞLU on Unsplash

Some people enjoy the boost of confidence they get from doing demanding fitness routines, but some of them are better performed in moderation. After all, if you work out too hard, you may burn yourself out and eventually stop working out completely! We definitely don’t want that—and that’s the case with these three activities that can do you more harm than good if you do them every day.


High-intensity interval training has been one of the most popular fitness trends for a few years now, but it’s recommended to take rest days between your sessions. The high intensity of this fitness routine can put too much stress on your body, and that’s why it’s important to never go overboard.


Running on a daily basis can lead to improved health, but it’s also risky if you’re prone to joint pain. Due to the high-impact nature of this exercise, you should avoid pushing yourself to the limit because burnout and injuries are pretty common.


Unless you’re a professional bodybuilder, doing powerlifting exercises on a daily basis is excessive and completely unnecessary. Squats, bench presses, and deadlifts can all put too much pressure on your back when done with weights and that’s why you should tread lightly when doing them.