3 Reasons to Give Standing Ab Exercises a Shot

Standing workouts
Image via gorgev/Depositphotos

Most traditional ab exercises, such as crunches and sit-ups, will take you down to the floor, but things don’t always have to work this way. Standing ab exercises are experiencing a real boom right now and they come with a long list of benefits that you should keep in mind.

Intense Workout

The biggest benefit of standing ab exercises is that they can give you a more effective workout. They’re much better for core engagement, so you’ll target more muscles at once and burn more calories than by would by doing traditional floor exercises.

Better Posture

Another great thing about standing ab exercises is their effect on your posture. They can improve your postural support by taking you off the floor. They’re also a great pick for people who are dealing with back and neck pain when doing traditional floor exercises.

Lack of Space

Even if you enjoy regular ab exercises, their standing variations can come in handy when your space is limited. They’re a great choice for home workouts if you have a small apartment, but they also come in handy when you’re traveling because you don’t need a yoga mat to get them done.