3 Reasons Why You Should Give Standing Workouts a Try

Standing workouts. Get you core training in without hitting the mat.
Photo by Gabin Vallet on Unsplash

The majority of traditional core exercises take you down to the floor, but you don’t always have to perform them lying down. Standing workouts are experiencing a huge boom on YouTube and you should try them for more reasons than one.

Core Engagement

One of the main benefits of standing exercises is their tendency to better engage your core. They’ll target several muscle groups at once, help you improve your posture and burn more calories, and give you an epic workout all around.

Back Friendly

One tricky thing about core exercises you have to perform on the floor, especially the ones that target your abs, is that they can put unnecessary pressure on your lower back. If you’re struggling with back pain, but don’t want that to stop you from getting a great six-pack, standing exercises could be just the thing you need.

Easy Access

Standing workouts can be performed anywhere, with zero equipment, and you don’t even need a yoga mat to do them. If you’re not sure which exercises to perform, YouTube is filled with countless resources since everyone from Chloe Ting to Emi Wong shared their own take.