3 Social Distance-Friendly Indoor Sports to Try This Fall

As temperatures start dropping, most of us will make a transition from outdoor to indoor activities. It’s usually more difficult to keep a safe distance when you’re working out in enclosed spaces, but these three indoor sports have a great social distancing potential.

Rock Climbing

Indoor rock climbing is the ideal activity for the social distancing era because you’ll be doing it on your own. It also comes in handy that most people don’t touch their face when they’re climbing, but it’s still important to sanitize your hands and opt for a rock gym that’s committed to regularly cleaning high-touch surfaces.

Ping Pong

Like the majority of racquet sports, table tennis makes it easy to keep a safe distance. Just make sure to properly clean your equipment, and clearly mark your balls to avoid using the ones that belong to your opponent.


Trampolining is so fun that it’s easy to forget you can burn some major calories along the way. It’s highly likely that your local trampoline park took all the necessary measures to ensure people can jump at the safe distance, but if you want to be extra cautious, avoid going there during peak hours.