3 Surprising Benefits of No-Repeat Workouts

No-Repeat Workouts
Photo by Geert Pieters on Unsplash

Most popular fitness programs these days consist of circuit workouts that include several repetitions of the same exercises, but they don’t work for everyone. That’s part of the reason why no-repeat workouts are becoming increasingly popular, but what are their benefits?

Staying Engaged

The main idea behind no-repeat workouts is that they don’t include several repetitions of the same moves that you have to perform when doing traditional circuit workouts. They offer more variety than most other types of training, making it easier to stay engaged along the way.

No Boredom

If you’re struggling with motivation and find traditional circuit workouts boring, no-repeat workouts are a much better fit. They’ll keep you on your toes because every move will bring something new your way. Circuit workouts can feel too repetitive if you enjoy workouts that really keep you challenged and entertained from start to finish.

Easier To Get Through

No-repeat workouts may be more challenging because they’ll keep you guessing, but they’re somehow easier to get through. If there’s a move that you hate doing, such as push-ups or planks, you’ll power through it and hope the next one is better, instead of doing it time and time again.